With NEW 2 Ohm AHCF Injectors and brand NEW SR08 Reducer.

Our new ATIKER 2 OHM AHCF injectors that are standard addition to GOLD Kits are compliant to all performances of the most advanced technology of fast LPG injection. These injectors are capable of closing in the speed of LPG injection to the speed of Gasoline injectors, even for the most demanding high performance vehicles.

Faster LPG injection is reflecting to quiter engine run on small RPM’s and it doesn’t lead to drop of torque on higher RPM’s.

Reducer SR08 :The result of years of innovation and testing.
Made of high quality materials, using the most advanced technology. This way we are able to inline with time and new technology of the engines, satisfy our customer needs.

Golden Heart Of Your Vehicle, ATIKER GOLD LPG SYSTEM