Atiker MetaI Inc. is started by Mehmet Ali Atiker in 1970 in order to manufacture steel pipes used in deep water wells. As a result of technological developments and the demands of the markets Atiker Metal Inc. changed interest from production of steel pipes to production of automotive LPG tanks and then production of LPG and CNG autogas systems.
Atiker Metal Inc. is a member of Atiker Group of Companies consisting companies dealing with marketing, foreign trade and manufacturing of LPG /CNG autogas systems, textiles, electronics and footwear.
Atiker Metal Inc. experienced a rapid development in manufacturing and marketing of autogas systems so that Atiker has become a global brand in autogas systems.
Atiker Metal Inc. is manufacturing auto LPG tanks and LPG/CNG fuel systems within the manufacturing plants located in Konya, Turkey. Closed area of manufacturing facilities is about 55,000 square meters. Atiker Metal Inc. production team of more than 700 white and blue collars is doing best in supplying high quality products to customers in Turkey and all around the world. State of the art technology is used in Atiker’s manufacturing facilities for ultimate consumer satisfaction. Atiker Metal Inc. exports about 60 % of the production to more than 40 countries in 5 continents.
Atiker Metal Inc. is registered to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Customer Complaints Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System and these management systems are effectively implemented throughout Atiker manufacturing plants.
Atiker Metal Inc. has received homologation and quality certificates for Atiker LPG tanks, LPG and CNG fuel systems from worldwide recognized organizations in many countries.
Atiker brand received “well-known mark” status from Turkish Patent Institute in 2009. As a consequence of this fact,  Atiker brand received special protection  against later registrations of the same trademark by others in 196 signatory countries of Paris Convention.
As a result of ongoing product development, technology development and capacity building activities Atiker’s manufacturing technology is wholly renewed and production capacity is increased geometrically in recent years. As expected from a global brand, a manufacturing technology that facilitates minimum manufacturing costs with highest product quality is achieved throughout Atiker manufacturing plants. Atiker Metal Inc. research, design and production teams target high technology and high quality products with reasonable prices with the motto “Environmentally Friendly High-Tech Products”.
In order to meet dynamic customer requirements and expectations and to be ahead of her competitors Atiker Metal Inc. refers high priority to innovation and R&D activities.  Atiker Metal Inc.’s R & D unit in Selcuk  University Technology  Development Zone (Konya Technopolis) collaborate with the academic staff of  Selcuk  University in developing high technology and high quality products. As a result of innovation and R&D activities,  Atiker Metal Inc. has continuously enhanced  product range, improved quality and performance of existing products, reduced manufacturing costs and  production wastes in line with market demands and technological advances. Atiker Metal Inc. R&D team continuously improves and updates all products and improves product reliability by preventing potential failures.
Besides product and technology development projects, Atiker Metal Inc. initiated numerous social responsibility projects considering her responsibilities towards customers and humanity.
Atiker Metal Inc.’s management, employees, dealers and distributors in all around the world work for a clean environment and ultimately satisfied customers.